Government restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic mean our events have been put on hold. We will publish information about forthcoming events as soon as we can.

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Chair’s Report 2020/1

2020 – the year when the Covid-19 pandemic prevented normal activities

4 successful litter picks on Saturdays from January 11th (when 48 volunteers arrived) to March 14th, the week before lockdown began. 

14th January: Good committee meeting with many a best laid plan...

23rd January: Major subsidence to Chocolate Path by the Underfall

25th February: Joe Mackenna and Parkworks team cut Butterfly Junction

19th March: Sarah Townsend’s perseverance: the successful return of a mystery bag containing bank details and IT equipment found on very last river bank clearance to a mystery man from London called Joseph.

9th April: Cancellation of Matt Collis’ Ecology Walk

4th September: Chair meets SF and CH for cup of coffee at Spike Island Café

3rd October: 2 teams of 6 volunteers collect good pile of litter from around Gaol Ferry Bridge

4th December: Good help from Chris Murray to secure our website’s domain name.

17th December: FrANC reunion via Zoom

12th January: Contact from Elizabeth Doty BCC’s Tree Officer ref. Stephen Wickham’s concern about trees by viewing platform by Vauxhall Bridge.

13th January: Ed Hall writes article for Bristol 24/7 on state of New Cut infrastructure, published on 19th January

19th January: 7.30pm postponed AGM via Zoom


THANK YOU to the members of the committee; to all volunteers who filled black bags; to Ella Hogg and Steve Clampin, our links with BCC; to those who boost our morale by staying in touch, often with helpful and detailed comments, even if prevented from joining outdoor activities; to all new subscribers (175 on our list now; 147 a year ago).


The emails received by the Chair this year have referred variously to: a European eel in a Malago feeder stream, York Road subsidence concerns, Western Harbour Developments, Management Plan review, Baltic Wharf Caravan site, overgrown trees and street drinking by Vauxhall Bridge, Instagram accounts, Duke of Edinburgh award litter pickers, Bristol Park Forum topics including all the Covid Health and Safety guidance, Good Gym Bristol keen to restart, Paynes Shipyard.  These varied topics all have their merits but for the time being the Chair proposes only committing to a slimmed-down mission for FrANC:

  • We pick litter when we can.

Thank you to Steve Fay and Chris Hanmer who did just this on Saturday 16th January.  Steve Clampin of BCC has agreed to pick up the 7+ bags they filled.

  • We share photographs of the Cut on WhatsApp.

Thank you to Bridget for setting up the WhatsApp group now joined by 11 photographers and 13 pictures shared.


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